Our Philosophy

While the TEACH Trust has been formed to assist students requiring money to continue their education, there are few guiding principles that are fundamental to us. 

At its heart, the Trust wants to ensure that financial roadblocks are removed from the path of academically good students. It does not seek to enable universal education

No Discrimination


The TEACH Trust does not discriminate in providing assistance.

Age, race, religion, caste – none of these are a basis for being selected for assistance. 

Research has shown that educating a girl child has far reaching social & economic impact. Therefore, the trust has a very mild preference for educating girl children.

Needs, Not Wants

The TEACH Trust thinks that it is a tragedy if even a single child drops out because of a mere lack of money.   

This means that trust aims to assist the maximum number of children to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, TEACH Trust expects the beneficiaries to be reasonable in their expectation of what will be sponsored.

  • Support from High School through Graduation
  • Only fees & supporting material like books, laptops

Minimum Academic Performance

Not just need but performance matters too. The Trust aims to ensure that academically deserving students do not drop out.  Therefore students are expected to maintain minimum academic performance. 

  • If minimum performance standards are met, assistance is guaranteed
  • If a student tops their respective institution, 100% fee will be paid, however much it is

Not A Loan

While the assistance is free and definitely not a loan, the Trust expects beneficiaries to pay forward the help they received by extending their assistance, once they are employed,  to other needy students via the Trust