About Us

Why was the TEACH Trust formed

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The Tondiarpet Education Assistance for CHildren (TEACH) trust is a non-profit organization formed in 2018 and is an initiative of 6 old friends, all ex-residents of Tondiarpet, with an urge to foster education among needy children.  The friends believe that it is a great tragedy if even a single interested child drops out of education for want of money. 

Education has been instrumental in many people clawing their way out of penury.  NGOs provide statistics on how important and transformational educating even a single person in a family up to graduation level can be. If that single person happens to be a girl, such a transformation has a force multiplier effect not only on that family, but on the society at large.

The Trustees

Sridhar Krishnamurthy


A CEO who is alleviating the world’s need for fuel through his bio-fuel MNC.  Travel, and talking about it, is his passion


Sridhar Parthasarathy


An entrepreneur who runs his own security consulting firm. Shoots photographs in his spare time.


Srivathsan Parthasarathy


An investment banker advising the world on where to put their money.  A realized soul who practices his religion when not working

The Patrons

Ganesh bhoominathan


An Oracle functional consultant based out of Miami, Florida.  Puts up plays in his spare time.


Gopalkrishnan S


A  chartered accountant  and wealth manager. Explores his spiritual direction when time permits.

Kannan Appuswamy


A Microsoft Architect working for clients all over the world. Does his laundry at California.